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Blowdrying 101:  I always have clients say they wish I could blow dry their hair everyday..but we all know unless you win the lottery, I can't come give you a blow out on shampoo day at your house... side note - I do offer shampoo blow-dry for $35 or if you are in a pinch & just want some waves it's only $25!!  So here are some tips that hopefully will help you achieve that salon blow out look!

First always, always towel dry!  Then let it air dry some more if possible.. the more air dry your hair is, the less damage! Drying with an old t-shirt fights frizz much better, especially for those naturally curly women.

Don't toss out your attachments to your dryers They come with it for a reason chicas.... the concentrator, a small thin nozzle attachment, allows you to focus the airflow to a certain section, making it a must for smoothing! The diffuser, usually a circular attachment with prongs, spreads out and softens the airflow for bouncy, frizz-free curls.


Don't skip heat protectants!  No matter how you are styling your hair... a hair dryer is also direct heat, so you need to protect those beautiful locks! Heat protectant products create a barrier between the cuticle of your hair and the direct heat. They also can help your strands retain the moisture it needs and shape your style.

Use the right tools!  My rule of thumb for a smooth blow out is to use a bigger brush. For a more curled look, use a smaller brush. If your hair is curly or you want to enhance your texture you may not even need a brush. Try using your hands as your tool to help create separation and definition as you dry.

Always pay attention to your heat & speed settings!  The highest speed & heat are for when you are in a time crunch only! Medium heat works best for most blowdrying.. Low heat works best for fragile hair.
When diffusing your curls always use medium to low heat setting for less frizz and fly aways. I always use my cool shot setting at the end of drying each section to set and close the cuticle. This is a must if you want your blow-dry to last!

Don't Scorch your Mane!  Space & movement are crucial to the success of your at-home blowout. Never directly put heat on the hair. You have to hold it about 2 to 3 inches away. Leaving the blow dryer in one place can cause just as much harm. Keep the air flow moving across the hair itself and don't hold it in one spot for too long, the heat changes the shape of the hair.

Do section your strands!  Sectioning the hair allows you to maintain a moisture balance to the areas that you aren't drying, while drying the area of focus. A simple way to section starts by splitting your hair down your natural part all the way down to the nape of your neck and then ear to ear. Which will create 4 sections that you can split further, depending on thickness & length. No section of the hair should be larger than the width of your brush.

Do flip your head over!  Since most style their strands solo, flipping your head over is the best bet for a smooth finish with volume. Start in the nape or back area. Building volume doesn't always need to involve a teasing comb. A root lifting spray or a golf ball sized amount of mousse paired with your blow dryer can do all the work for you!

Do Aim the air towards your ends!  Its best to aim the air towards your ends. Aiming the heated air up towards the scalp for too long can dry it out and also rough up the cuticle leading to dullness & damage.

Do seal your style!  A little bit of dry shampoo will add extra body to your blow dry and create longevity. Also, using a little bit before bed will help maintain a long lasting blowout! When adding extra shine, try using a light hair serum starting at the ends and working up to mid shaft. Then finish with a light hairspray & VIOLA!  You just gave yourself a professional blowout at home!


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My tool of choice when blowdrying my clients.

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