{Extensions 101}

{Extensions 101}

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Hello, Beauties! Are you considering getting hair extensions but not sure if it's worth taking the plunge? Everyone knows they're great for volume and perfect length- that's no surprise. But did you consider it's a fantastic way to achieve those #hairgoals you've been dreaming about for special events? Here are my top 4 reasons why hair extensions are worth your investment!

Hair Extensions: There are so many benefits of  wearing hair extensions! Hair extensions are something that a lot of women consider at least once in their lifetime. Many believe that if you already have long hair or a good amount of hair that you don't need extensions and that's not always the case.

1.  Enhance your natural hair. Who doesn't want mermaid hair?  

2.  Extensions add length or volume. They also fill in those thin sides that hold all of you fine hair people back from growing your hair out. All you need is a few tape-ins on the sides to help you grow out those pesky side!!

3. Adding highlights or low lights without the added damage.


4. Extensions hold curl/style so much better than natural hair! Which means you won't have to shampoo as often because your hair will hold its style for a few days. Spray a little dry shampoo on your roots and out the door you go!

Hair extensions are like makeup, a nice accessory that every woman can use to enhance her look. Hair extensions should go with your lifestyle! 

  • If you workout a lot, tape-ins are the way to go! Application takes about 30 to an hour long and last about 2-3 months. The hair is also reusable.
  • If you only want them for an event, get clip-ins!  Clips-ins are no maintenance, you put them in and take them out everyday.
  • Want hair that lasts for 6 months Fusion is the way to go! Single strands with a keratin base bond at one end attached with either heat or ultrasonic waves (depending on brand of extensions) fuses the keratin bond to your hair.

My favorite part about hair extensions?  They help women feel confident by enhancing their natural beauty, one pack of extensions at a time.


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