Babylights are soft fine highlights that create dimension in a super subtle manner. Think of childlike sunkisssed glow when you picture babylights.  These highlights are weaved very finely to achieve a natural appearance and the application is very meticulous and precise. Great for guest new to hair color or wanting a soft and low-maintenance hair color. 

Balayage is a french technique that means sweeping. A technique when color is freehand painted on. You can amplify color from soft to bright and bold depending on your on personal preference.  Balayage is very low maintenance because you don't have any harsh lines. I love combining babylights and balayage into foliage (get it those two words put together ;) ....cant take credited for that). I'll do babylights around hairline to all those baby hairs. Then balayage the rest creating a soft naturally looking color.

Hair glosses/glazes help enhance your hairs shine while correcting and revitalizing the tone of your hair.  Glazes are great for in between color appointments to refresh color and eliminate any unwanted brassiness. I include a glaze with every color service I provide.