Hair to there? If it seems to good to be true, most likely it is..especially when hair is involved. Like any natural beauty enhancer you must make sure your hair extensions look natural. They should enhance your look and be your best kept secret! Lucky you, Extension 101 Class just started ;)

  A common misconception with extensions is that they’ll damage your hair, but in fact, they can be used to easily solve many issues related to thickness, length, color, texture, and styling that might be keeping you from having that beautiful mane you’ve always wanted. Extensions have gotten a bad reputation in the past, which is typically as a result of poor application and homecare. But with the proper type of extensions and precise application, the result is less stress overall on your strands. 

   I have so many clients that try everything to make their hair thicker but no matter what they do, they still struggle to achieve the thickness they want. In this case, I use individual or tape-in extensions, which can thicken their existing hair up to 2 to 3 times.

GOT LENGTH No doubt the most traditional use for extensions, lengthy locks, is something that many women seek.  With extensions you can have the hair length of your dreams in a matter of hours. If you cut a bob and hate it, no problem!  

CHANGING YOUR COLOR  If you’re interested in testing out highlights, lowlights or ombre but you don’t want to commit to coloring or bleaching your hair, extensions are a great way to add a beautiful pop of color. 

CHOOSING THE RIGHT EXTENSIONS FOR YOU For fine hair,  suggests tape-in extensions or fine keratin individuals. The keratin technique is created by cutting the keratin individual in half so that it is lighter in weight.  While individual keratin can be pricey, when applied properly in clean and perfect sections, it provides the most authentic couture look. They also allow for seamless versatility when styling tight buns or up do’s. However, if you’re just looking for a little added thickness and you don’t routinely wear you’re hair up, Priscilla suggests tape-ins. Of course, it’s always important to have a proper consultation with your extension specialist prior to any form of application in order to choose the best type of extensions for your hair type

HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR EXTENSIONS BETWEEN SALON VISITS “Brush, brush, brush!!  Really, don’t be afraid to brush. That is the most common at home care mistake! Which then can cause the extensions to dread up. Another great tip is to braid your hair when working out and at night. Never, never, never use oily products on or around the bonding method because oil can cause the extensions to slide out. Also direct heat on the bonding method should be avoided since it can also reactivate the bond, which causes it to slide out. To ensure your hair remains healthy and luscious, treat your locks to a much-needed mask at least once a week. Extension hair can be costly and usually you’ll have it in for a few months. The more time you invest in taking care of the hair by following these steps, the better shape it will be in and the longer it will last.